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This site supports the FinPak addin for Excel. This addin provide a number of functions that are commonly used in finance. It also provides a simulation routine. At this time the addin is still being tested, it does appear to be stable. If you wish to participate in the testing you need to be a student at SDSU (To contact me click on my name below and send me an email).

Addins are a special type of spreadsheet that once installed allows you use the functions supplied by the spreadsheet just as if they were part of Excel’s built in functions. In fact some functions provide by Excel are in fact addins. The Analysis Tookpak is good example. This Toolpak allows you to perform a variety of statistical analysis.

To use FinPak you will need to download and install it on your computer. Testing took place with Windows 7, Win 8+, and with Windows 10 using Excel 2016 and Offiice 365.  Excel 2007, 2013 and 2016 are all supported on the above systems.

Pieter Vandenberg
Professor of Finance San Diego State Unversity

'These functions are believed to be accurate however the user assumes all risk.

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